Friday, February 23, 2018

Survey Results are in!

Click this LINK to view the survey results.


In fall of 2017, the recently appointed Chancellor of Southern Illinois University Carbondale proposed a plan for academic reorganization of the University. Formed in response to the reorganization effort, the Coordinating Committee for Change designed and implemented a survey to assess stakeholder reactions to the plan and planning process. Between December 11, 2017 and February 11, 2018, a total of 1156 students, employees, and other stakeholders participated in the survey. According to the results, 56.1% of stakeholders do not support the Chancellor’s plan for reorganization. Responses indicate that over half of participants feel unrepresented in the reorganization planning and discussion processes. Many participants expressed doubts concerning the merits of the plan and its consequences. Additionally, 56.7% ofparticipants questioned whether the Chancellor is acting in the best interests of SIU Carbondale. Overall, the survey results suggest that many SIU Carbondale stakeholders have serious reservations concerning the Chancellor’s reorganization plan.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

"We Teach and Study and Raise All the Hell We Can"

This article by English Professor John Gardner described the uniqueness of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, specifically its educational, economic, and sociocultural influence in and beyond rural southern Illinois. He warns the university against abandoning its free-wheeling, experimental, and imaginative spirit that allowed it to innovate and thrive. Artist and Professor Herbert L. Fink of SIUC's School of Art provided the illustrations.
Gardner specialized in medieval literature and taught at SIUC from 1965-1976. He authored Grendel (1971) and The Sunlight Dialogues (1972). Fink taught at SIUC from 1961-1987 and was the first recipient of the Distinguished Professor of Art award from Southern Illinois University.

Effects of the Budget Impasse

Several good points about how the budget impasse affected universities and other agencies as well as some strategies universities used to stay functional. 


Why-Students-Are-Leaving LINK

A very recent and sobering article about enrollment issues in Illinois. Thanks Holly for sharing.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Local News Coverage

The Southern  Daily Eyptian DE re: Monte's family hires Chronicle on same

Several articles that have appeared in The Southern Illinoisan and Daily Egyptian Newspapers, so far. Various perspectives.

SIU Faculty Association: On Restructuring

Web page: Faculty Association: Comments on Restructuring

GPSC Report on Proposed Academic Reorganization

GPSC Report on Proposed Academic Reorganization

The Chancellor has provided draft versions of his academic reorganization “strawman” plan for feedback by constituency groups, GPSC included. The proposed “strawman,” the transcript from the Chancellor’s open forum, and the Chancellor’s FAQ are linked on as well